Kentucky Patent of the Month – October 2023

BlackBox Energy Systems, LLC, a Kentucky-based startup, is focused on developing the world’s best energy technology. Since their founding, the company has designed clean, efficient, lightweight, powerful motors and energy generation technology. Recently, they have been granted a patent for their axial flux permanent magnet generator

All motors and generators encounter rotational losses during the conversion of power between electrical and mechanical forms. These losses become increasingly problematic at higher speeds, such as those exceeding 10,000 RPM, where magnetic losses—hysteresis and eddy current losses—become a significant portion of the rotational losses.

Traditional methods of reducing hysteresis loss involve using low hysteresis steel, but this often results in heavier motors due to increased mass requirements. Furthermore, high-speed, high-torque motors/generators face challenges related to heat buildup, making efficient operation even more difficult.

BlackBox Energy Systems is addressing these challenges with their innovative axial flux permanent magnet generator which achieves exceptional efficiency at turbine speeds. This efficiency is crucial for high-speed applications and opens up possibilities for harnessing waste heat for power generation. Moreover, the motor can burn both standard and green fuels to generate electricity efficiently, all while maintaining a lightweight and compact design.

This is achieved with a stator core made of thermally conductive materials. Field coils are then strategically secured to and layered so that the electrical conductor;s surfaces are flat and parallel to the axis of the magnetic flux generated by the coil. This flat surface to flat surface configuration creates a high copper fill factor. The higher the copper fill factor, the higher the magnetic field. The winding field coils then improves heat transfer to the stator core, aided further by the thermally conductive material. This limits the eddy current losses at high speed operation and ensures power generation is as efficient as possible.

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