Louisiana Patent of the Month – April 2023

Evolve Media AI is working to build the technology needed to transform event attendees into artistic partners. That means anyone who attends a concert, a show, or an event can upload their videos and photos to the cloud where Evolve Media’s proprietary algorithm stitches together the best shots and creates a personalized memento from the viewer’s perspective.

The company has recently patented their system for autonomous rendering of synchronized media objects. The system uses a network-connected media rendering computer. The algorithm then controls the system, enabling the computer to perform various operations such as obtaining unsynchronized media objects, storing them in a master dataset corresponding to a project, analyzing metadata associated with the media objects, determining labels for each media object based on the collected metadata, executing audio analysis for each audio track, creating a narrative sequence for the media objects, determining whether the narrative sequence is approved by the user, generating a synchronized media object preview, and transmitting the preview to the user device. All this to say, the algorithm controls the process of selecting and stitching together quality content from the uploaded media. 

Evolve Media’s system further enables the identification of a subset of media objects that pertain to a project, uploading each unsynchronized media object to a job queue or media object database, and initializing media object analysis for each media object. The system is also capable of performing location analysis, wherein the processor identifies one or more frames contained in each unsynchronized media object and maps bounding box data with data associated with one or more labels from the plurality of labels. The processor then determines whether at least one matching label and respective bounding box data having global positioning satellite (GPS) data is found for the frame. In case there is no matching label and bounding box data for the frame, the processor marks the location of the frame as unknown. This system allows the algorithm to stitch together the most relevant media pieces. In addition, if one uploaded video or photo is low quality, the algorithm can search for another point of view or shot of the same content that may be higher quality.

The system also uses a deep recurrent neural network to diarize the audio track and produce a textual transcript for the audio track. The transcript is timestamped to points in the unsynchronized media object to which the audio track belongs. The system also runs a transcript clarity analysis on the textual transcript using a natural language processing (NLP) model. The analysis combines the array of transcribed words into a singular text, inputs the text into a Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) neural network, and determines the clarity of the transcript.

The above examples of the system highlight just how complex the process is under the surface, and the expertise needed to produce this system cannot be understated. Users can very easily upload data and receive a quality montage or memento in no time. The use of AI and machine learning algorithms in this system ensures that the system can analyze and process large amounts of data with great accuracy, speed, and efficiency. 

With multi-lens smartphone cameras in nearly everyone’s pocket, Evolve Media AI can combine high quality images with machine learning to take care of the pacing, music, and tone. From birthdays to weddings, pro sports to concerts, the AI algorithm is infinitely flexible so that it may be used any way its users want.

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