Louisiana Patent of the Month – June 2021

Hunters and scientists are very familiar with blinds. Blinds are enclosures used to hide or camouflage the user so they can take photographs, perform scientific studies, or hunt without alerting the wildlife. The key issue people experience with standard blind designs is remaining quiet while taking advantage of the multiple vantage points. Most blinds have windows or openings on multiple sides but moving from one side to the other can create noise and alert the wildlife, especially if you have a seat and need to move it with you. Huntwise, Inc. designed a telescopic chair structure that allows movement in silence. 

The seating system is made of a supporting frame, seat, and tethering arm. An outer frame section spans the perimeter of the walls which allows the tethering arm and chair system to easily slide around the room. The tethering arm extends out, so that the chair can be as far from the wall as desired. Additionally, the chair is attached to the tether arm but not statically, so that it is able to swivel and spin for more robust positioning. The chair is supported above the floor on a wheeled stand, so that the user can sit in the chair and roll into whatever position they would like, or stand and push it around as needed. The chairs move smoothly, allowing the blind user to navigate the space as quietly as possible.

When multiple chairs are set up in a blind, they are strategically placed so that they can never collide or cross paths with the other person. This is an especially relevant design choice for hunters, so that seats can never accidentally be moved between a hunter’s rifle and the blind window. 

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