Louisiana Patent of the Month – March 2022

Emergency services personnel are often met with barriers that need to be moved. Firefighters need to breach walls and doors to control fires, law enforcement must baina access to barricaded areas to save hostages or complete their mission. One of the most common methods of creating these openings is to use explosive or energetic breaching methods. Depending on the application, the worker may need different charges. 

P3D Solutions, Inc. has found a way to redesign these energetic breaching tools to lower the net explosive weight (NEW) without impeding functionality. They used the guiding principle of the Munroe effect to influence the optimal shape to focus the shockwaves and increase the cutting effect of the charge. This optimal shape is roughly a prism shaped rectangle. This provides the best action of the charge while minimizing the NEW. The design can scale to hold any charge needed. For instance, a small charge for breaking the lock on a door to gain entrance or a larger charge for harder targets such as Class II metal doors.  

P3D Solutions has been designing innovative equipment for US and allied security and fighting forces. They have advanced the industry using 3D modeling and printing combined with in-house expertise to optimize solutions.

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