Kentucky Patent of the Month – March 2022

Chromatography is used to separate components of a mixture by carrying the dissolved substance through a solid medium. Different molecular sizes and polarities will travel different distances, making it possible to identify the compounds. Most traditional gas chromatographs are fantastic for analysis of complex volatile organic compound (VOC) samples but are insufficient for field analysis. The gas chromatographs are bulky, heavy, and high maintenance.

VAON, LLC has designed a hand-held gas chromatograph meant to make field analysis more possible. Even moreso, the device is made of glass and designed to be 3D printable. Their design simplifies the application of the gas chromatograph by replacing expensive carrier gasses with ambient air. Even moreso, the device is manufactured with punctuated layered glass technology to reduce both the size and weight of the device while still allowing gas delivery and separation. 

This handheld device is so easy to use, it could offer a replacement to temperature checking before entering a building. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many establishments took to temperature checks before allowing entrance. As we all know, our temperature is dependent on many things. If you wore a hat or went for a run just before a temperature check you might be deemed too warm to enter. Or, if you were out in the cold, your temperature might allow you through despite being positive for COVID or some other ailment. A rapid and reliable gas chromatography could be used to detect a pathogen reliably, ensuring that next steps are treated appropriately. 

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