Louisiana Patent of the Month – November 2022

We’ve landed on the moon but have only extensively explored and mapped about 5% of our own oceans. Mapping the ocean is a surprisingly difficult task, requiring high-resolution acoustics and technology. Not only must the scanning and mapping technology work, but the vessel needs to withstand intense pressures and maintain communication with the surface vessel. SeaTrepid International, LLC has designed a new autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that may just expand our ocean exploration capabilities.

Their design addresses the limitations of prior AUV and mapping systems. By improving efficiency, the cost of mapping per unit area is reduced and more mapping can be done and funding can be stretched further. SeaTrepid improved these efficiencies using multiple unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) per single host platform or host surface vehicle (HSV).  The USVs simultaneously operate as intermediate nodes between the HSV and multiple AUVs. This expands the communication capabilities, providing real time mission control and navigation while simultaneously receiving all sensor and motion data from each intermediate node.

By implementing this relay system, the HSV can be easily scaled to control an entire fleet of AUVs as they go about underwater mapping. 

SeaTrepid is an applied robotic solutions company with a history of designing and developing a range of robotic equipment and sensor suites. Their expertise covers land, water, and air, helping to automate and simplify tasks in hazardous environments.

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