Louisiana Patent of the Month – September 2023

Breaching barriers quickly and efficiently is a crucial task for emergency services, military personnel, and law enforcement agencies. Traditional methods often involve significant collateral damage and are sometimes limited by the need to carry multiple charges for different scenarios. P3D Solutions, Inc, designer and manufacturer of innovative equipment for US and allied security and fighting forces, is reshaping the way we approach energetic breaches.

P3D Solutions has been granted a patent for their new Compact Energetic-Breaching Apparatus, which is revolutionizing how structures are breached while minimizing fragmentation and collateral damage.

The Compact Energetic-Breaching Apparatus is designed to be efficient, versatile, and easily transportable. Its one-piece, hollow housing body, made from a frangible material, contains a unique channel for receiving energetic material. The housing body’s dimensions are carefully engineered, making it suitable for various applications while ensuring it can fit into standard-sized pouches and administrative gear used by emergency personnel.

One of the key innovations lies in the use of a tamping material, typically a water-based or polymer-based gel, which fills the housing body. This gel not only helps reduce the net explosive weight (N.E.W.) but also limits fragmentation and shrapnel production during a breach. This is a significant advantage, especially when emergency personnel need to breach doors, windows, walls, or gates in unknown scenarios where minimizing collateral damage is paramount.

What sets this invention apart is its versatility. The channel inside the housing body can have various cross-section profiles across different lengths, allowing for customization based on the specific breach requirements. Additionally, the ability to carry multiple Compact Energetic-Breaching Apparatus units with different charge configurations simplifies mission planning and execution. Emergency personnel can choose the appropriate charge based on the situation, enhancing overall operational effectiveness. These units are designed to be rapidly deployable, with convenient direct priming options, saving precious seconds in critical situations.

P3D Solutions’ Compact Energetic-Breaching Apparatus represents a significant advancement in breaching technology. It addresses the challenges of traditional methods, such as fragmentation, collateral damage, and the need for multiple charges, with a compact and versatile solution, providing the potential to enhance the safety and efficiency of emergency response teams and military units worldwide.

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