Maine Patent of the Month – April 2022

Progressive overload is a weight training technique that builds strength over time. In a simple example, a lifter might start bicep curls at 5 lbs with 6-8 reps. They repeat this in different workout sessions and eventually, as their muscles grow, they increase the number of reps. Once they can do 12 reps with relative ease, they increase the weight and start back at 6-8 reps. This process can be modified by changing the weight, exercise, and number or reps depending on the lifter’s goals. This type of training requires the lifter to have access to a big range of weights in order to increase their strength. This can quickly become expensive especially for any exercises that use fixed-weight motions – like a dumbbell for a bicep curl. It can also be limiting when small increases are needed. Many dumbbells jump in 5 lb increments and sometimes this is simply too much. 

Benoit Built MFG, LLC has developed a multi piece weight plate that can help increase weight on dumbbells and kettlebells. Their design allows you to attach a small 1.25 lb weight plate to a dumbbell or kettlebell so that your progression is not limited. The first section of their plate has an opening which can slide over the dumbbell bar. The second piece then slides into pockets and is secured in place. This lock mechanism can be done with either female / male connectors or magnets. The size of the cutout also allows the plate to be attached to a traditional barbell, making these the ultimate adaptable weight plate.

Getting the motivation to workout can be hard enough without also needing to worry about the available weight increments. This design can simplify your home gym and improve your progressive overload results.

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