Manufacturing company expands R&D center in CA

The organic flavor and ingredient manufacturer, Blue Pacific Flavors, has announced the opening of it’s expanded research and development laboratory, named the Flavor Creation and Culinary Innovation Center.

Blue Pacific develops natural, organic and organic compliant fruit and sweet flavors for a broad range of food applications. The expanded lab will handle all product development and flavor creation for the company’s global operations in the U.S and Asia.

The company’s initial space has been doubled to 3,100 square feet in the expansion and a total of $1.5M has been invested. The expanded R&D center aims to increase the company’s application, creation, sensory testing and compliance capabilities for natural and organic flavor and finished food development. It will consists of labs, quality assurance offices, quality control spaces, regulatory and product safety areas and space for new equipment.

The center is a collaborative space for Blue Pacific Flavors clients to create clean-label, plant-based, natural and organic food and beverage applications. The company’s vision was to build a world-class innovation center, which would be the core of the organization. This is a reflection of the food manufacturing renaissance taking place in Southern California and the company’s commitment to meet the needs of a growing organic flavors business.

The company has already hired a substantial amount of staff in regulatory and quality control and has plans to hire for additional positions in R&D for its next phase of investment.

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