Minnesota Patent of the Month – March 2024

The game of basketball is not just about physical strength; it’s about mastering skills through relentless practice. Airborne Athletics Inc, experts in sports-based training technology, has patented their cutting-edge system designed to revolutionize basketball training by tracking off-the-dribble shooting statistics with unprecedented precision.

Imagine stepping onto the court, knowing every shot you take is meticulously monitored and analyzed to enhance your performance. With Airborne Athletics’ system, marketed as Dr.Dish,  this becomes a reality. The system features an ejector that launches basketballs to specific pass receipt locations across the playing area. But it’s not just about shooting; it’s about customizing your practice routine to focus on off-the-dribble shooting—a crucial skill in real-game scenarios.

Using an intuitive interface, players select their desired sequence of passes and indicate where they intend to perform off-the-dribble shooting moves. This creates a personalized practice arrangement tailored to individual needs. As the player executes the drills, a detector tracks made shots, providing real-time feedback on shooting accuracy and performance.

What sets Airborne Athletics’ system apart is its attention to detail. The pre-shooting basketball moves simulated during practice mimic game conditions, ensuring that players hone skills that translate seamlessly to the court. Gone are the days of mundane drills; this system challenges players to elevate their game under pressure.

The system’s controller generates comprehensive performance reports, offering detailed feedback for each pass receipt location. Players receive insights into shooting success rates, along with qualifiers indicating off-the-dribble shooting attempts. This invaluable feedback empowers players to identify areas for improvement and refine their technique with precision.

Accessibility is key, and Airborne Athletics ensures that players can access performance data effortlessly. Whether through a personal electronic device or an electronic display connected to the ejector, players receive instant feedback to track progress and drive continuous improvement.

The system goes beyond individual practice sessions. By ranking players based on shooting performance, it fosters healthy competition and collaboration, inspiring players to push their limits and strive for excellence.

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