Mississippi Patent of the Month – March 2024

Zavation Medical Products, LLC, a medical device company, has been granted a patent for a new externally threaded orthopedic implant. Designed to seamlessly transition between a collapsed and expanded state, this innovative screw offers unparalleled versatility and precision in orthopedic insertion and expansion.

At its core, the expandable screw comprises an upper externally-threaded body segment, a lower externally-threaded body segment, and an expansion member connecting the two. This expansion member, extending along the screw’s longitudinal axis, facilitates the seamless separation of the upper and lower segments during expansion, ensuring a secure fit within the bone segment.

What sets this screw apart is its meticulous design. Each segment features threads meticulously crafted to secure the screw firmly within the patient’s bone. Moreover, the presence of elongated apertures, cutting through multiple turns of the threads, enhances the screw’s adaptability and ensures optimal performance during expansion.

The expansion process is streamlined and efficient, with the expansion member guiding the upper segment away from the lower segment in a single expansion direction. This eliminates the need for radial deflection, ensuring a smooth and controlled expansion process without compromising the screw’s integrity.

Additionally, the expandable screw is complemented by a sophisticated insertion tool, further enhancing its usability and efficacy in orthopedic procedures. This tool seamlessly connects to the screw, facilitating its actuation and expansion with precision and ease.

In practice, the expandable screw offers orthopedic surgeons a versatile solution for a wide range of procedures. Whether it’s spinal fusion, fracture fixation, or joint stabilization, this innovative screw streamlines the insertion and expansion process, reducing procedural complexities and enhancing patient outcomes.

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