Mississippi Patent of the Month – September 2023

Orthopedic surgeries often require the use of bone cement to facilitate bone fusion or fixation of prosthetic implants. Achieving the perfect bone cement mixture is crucial for the success of these procedures. However, conventional methods of mixing and delivering bone cement have their limitations. The timing and consistency of the mixture can be challenging to control, potentially leading to complications during surgery.

Zavation Medical Products, LLC, experts in medical device development, have addressed these challenges by developing a novel bone cement mixing and dispensing system that offers unprecedented control and precision. A mixing container is equipped with a strategically designed mixing paddle which is capable of moving along the container’s entire length. This precision ensures thorough and consistent mixing.

To drive the mixing element, Zavation’s system incorporates a powerful motor. This motor plays a pivotal role in achieving the perfect cement mixture, and it can be controlled with precision. Another critical component is the plunger, equipped with a piston. This plunger can be used in two operational states. In the first state, the mixing element is moved by the motor to mix the bone cement while the plunger remains stationary. In the second state, both the mixing element and plunger are coupled to the motor, ensuring synchronized movement along the axial length of the mixing container.

Zavation’s system is equipped with intuitive controls, including Hall sensors. These sensors work in tandem with magnets on the mixing element, providing accurate positioning and control during both mixing and dispensing phases. The system also includes a dispenser with a cannula coupling for precise delivery of the bone cement mixture to the surgical site. This feature ensures that the cement reaches the target area with minimal waste.

Zavation’s bone cement mixing and dispensing system brings several remarkable advantages to the table:

– Precision Mixing: The system enables precise control over the bone cement mixture, reducing the risk of complications during surgery.

– Consistency: By ensuring uniform mixing, Zavation’s system guarantees consistent cement quality every time.

– Efficiency: The synchronized movement of the mixing element and plunger streamlines the process, making it more efficient for medical professionals.

– Reduced Waste: The precise delivery mechanism minimizes waste, further enhancing the cost-effectiveness of the system.

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