Montana Patent of the Month – February 2024

Elumus LLC bridges the gap between functionality and simplicity, developing business systems that are truly plug and play. With goals like this, it is no surprise to see the company continually commit to research and development. Recently, the company has been granted a patent for their business software platform, highlighting this commitment even further.

The company was inspired after encountering numerous issues with existing business software. These solutions are usually plagued by overt complexity and slow user interfaces. They are further limited by platform dependence, making them incompatible with other software and even with different generations of their own software. 

With Elumus’ solution, the end-user executable code empowers end-user devices to generate a data collection GUI, facilitating the collection and storage of data in a structured database. What sets this system apart is its adaptability – users can modify the end-user executable code using a user update entry GUI, presented by the business software management code. This modification occurs through a business assembly language, a revolutionary feature that reads like natural language, making it accessible to both developers and non-developers.

The database structure includes a reporting GUI, offering flexibility in presenting stored data through graphs or charts. Alerts, such as SMS messages or emails, can be generated through program instructions in response to specific events, enhancing communication and response mechanisms.

One remarkable aspect of Elumus’ invention is its use of metadata tags associated with information prompts. This enables the dynamic generation of data collection GUIs, creating a customizable and user-centric experience. The inclusion of JavaScript elements in information prompts adds an extra layer of sophistication, catering to diverse data input requirements, including those from barcode scanners.

The system’s versatility extends to different industries, from warehouse shipments to general-purpose data tracking. The cloud-based architecture ensures accessibility across devices, fostering usability and integration. The business assembly language acts as a bridge between process owners and developers, ensuring that the intended functionality aligns with the implemented code.

This invention addresses longstanding challenges in business software, offering a solution that is transparent, customizable, and cost-effective. Elumus’ commitment to enhancing user experience and process control is evident in this forward-looking R&D endeavor. As businesses seek efficient, adaptable, and user-friendly solutions, Elumus’ invention stands out as a game changing low-code, adoptable ERP, BPM, and CRM framework.

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