Montana Patent of the Month – July 2021

Most insoles used in shoes offer cushion and support for improper pronation and supination but are rigid, and unable to meet the needs of your foot throughout the entire cycle of walking (gait cycle). Pronation refers to the way your foot rolls inward for impact distribution while walking. Supination is the restored arch height position while your foot pushes off from the ground. Improper pronation and supination can lead to foot, leg, and body pains. Cluffy LLC has designed an improved insole that accounts for the way your foot changes shape during the gait cycle.

This insole has orthopedic pads placed under the big toe, the second and third metatarsals, the fourth and fifth metatarsals, the arch, and the heel. These pads are placed to provide different heights, contours,flexibility, density and further traits as needed. The arches allow the foot to change from a shock absorber at initial contact by flattening, to a supinator – a rigid, higher arch to help push off and propel the body forward. As the foot cycles through this change, the big toe  moves upward causing the plantar fascia to move. This ligament might rub against a traditional insole causing pain. CLuffy, LLC incorporated an additional support along the bottom of the insole which allows it to rebound away from the foot and reduce irritation of the plantar fascia. In a similar way, the pad under the big toe prevents or alleviates conditions like hallux limitus, or overstressing the metatarsal heads. This enhanced insole can better protect your feet and create long-lasting pain relief by preventing the root cause of the pain.

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