Montana Patent of the Month – June 2021

A rocket engine carries their own fuel into space along with a source of oxygen to burn that fuel. Jet engines also carry their own fuel but use oxygen from the air to burn it. Jet engines also have an air intake and exhaust opening, while rocket engines receive fuel and oxidizer in a closed manifold system and therefore do not need an air intake system. Mountain Aerospace Research Solutions, Inc. has designed a revolutionary air-breathing rocket engine.

Their engine takes advantage of natural phenomena to intake ambient fluids as free reaction mass. These ambient fluids could be air, as it contains an oxidizing constituent. This engine does not fit into the strict definition of either rocket or jet engines. It does carry both fuel and oxidizer, but it requires less of the latter than a typical rocket engine. It’s also easy to manufacture as it is made from a single piece of material. The engine is shaped like an hourglass shell and a funnel shaped intake. The shell also contains a primary and secondary combustion chamber. The primary combustion chamber combusts a mix of fuel and oxidizer, while the secondary chamber combusts a mixture of ambient fluid that comes in through intake ports. When actively operating, the primary combustion chamber ejects mass into the secondary chamber, creating a pressure differential which draws in ambient fluid. This fluid is then combusted. This dual combustion chamber with use of ambient fluid improves efficiency and revolutionizes the engine design.

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