Nevada Patent of the Month – August 2023

QuarkStar, LLC is solid-state lighting’s deep tech innovation team focused on transforming the way we experience light. In this pursuit, the company has designed and patented a new Illumination Device for Direct-Indirect Illumination – a breakthrough that combines scientific prowess with practical application.

At its core lies the Light Emitting Element (LEE), the source of illumination. The magic, however, unfolds with the integration of optical elements – optical couplers and light guides – strategically positioned to capture and guide the emitted light along a forward direction.

An Optical Extractor takes the guided light and performs a symphony of reflection and transmission. A redirecting surface, meticulously configured, reflects a portion of the received light, which emerges as backward light along obtuse angles. This backward light, designed for indirect illumination, gracefully bathes the surroundings with a gentle glow.

The redirecting surface also allows a portion of the light to pass through as forward light along acute angles. This forward light provides direct illumination, casting a focused brilliance onto the surface.

This illumination device’s sophistication reaches new heights with the use of transmissive portions and secondary optical elements. These elements modify the transmitted light, creating a dynamic interplay of spectral power distribution and divergence. The result is an unparalleled ambiance that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior.

This innovation isn’t confined to a single scenario. The device’s applications are vast – from enhancing the ambiance of living spaces to elevating the visual experience of electronic displays. 

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