New Hampshire Patent of the Month – August 2023

A5G Networks, Inc. is developing Autonomous Networks – going beyond automation to build a network of networks that bring efficiency to 5G decentralized systems. In support of this, the company has developed a dynamic approach to creating distributed, self-adjusting, and optimizing core networks through the power of machine learning.

Traditional networking systems often relied on predefined logic and fixed protocols to navigate the intricate web of interconnected devices and services. However, the limitations of such approaches became increasingly apparent as demands for speed, efficiency, and scalability grew exponentially. A5G Networks recognized these challenges and engineered a solution that harnesses the capabilities of machine learning to pave the way for a new era of networking.

At the heart of this innovation lies a sophisticated computing system consisting of hardware processors and a memory system housing programmable modules. These modules collaborate to seamlessly orchestrate the complex dance of data transmission and service delivery. The magic begins with a data receiver module that listens for requests from client devices eager to access various services hosted on external devices. These requests carry a trove of information, including client device type, network type, subscriber data, traffic load, location, and more.

The system’s genius becomes apparent with its ability to establish secure real-time communication sessions with client devices and service layers based on the received requests. This is where the machine learning magic happens. A trained service-based machine learning model steps in to decipher the service parameters associated with each request. This encompasses the type of services required, service demands, and the geographical location of the hosting devices.

The orchestration continues with a symphony of modules: broadcasting handshakes, determining environmental parameters for service layers, and identifying the best-suited service layers for processing requests. All of this is executed while considering variables like cost, latency, energy efficiency, resiliency, and more. It’s like the system has developed a sixth sense for optimizing network pathways.

A5G Networks’ invention marks a significant leap forward in the realm of networking. By seamlessly integrating machine learning into the core of network operations, this computing system transforms the way we think about networking infrastructure. As we continue to rely on interconnected systems to power our digital lives, innovations like these pave the way for a faster, smarter, and more adaptable future.

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