Nevada Patent of the Month – December 2023

Scandium International Mining Corp (SCY) has a portfolio of technology-driven mineral projects which aim to bring about a more efficient and greener global transportation sector. Recently, the company has been granted a patent for their technology which marks a significant stride in the extraction and processing of scandium, a rare and valuable metal.

This novel approach holds immense promise for industries ranging from aerospace to electronics. Scandium, known for its lightweight and high-strength properties, has been a sought-after element for enhancing the performance of various alloys. However, its limited availability posed a challenge to widespread utilization—until now.

SCY’s patented method introduces an efficient and environmentally conscious approach to extract scandium from its primary sources. The traditional extraction methods often involved complex and resource-intensive procedures, but this new technology streamlines the process, making it more economically viable. Their method leaches the valuable ore through a series of sulfuric acid baths and ion exchange resins.

The implications of this innovation are far-reaching. Industries relying on lightweight yet robust materials, such as aerospace and defense, stand to benefit significantly. The integration of scandium into aluminum alloys, for instance, can result in materials that are not only lighter but also possess enhanced strength and durability.

Furthermore, the technology aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable practices within the mining sector. By optimizing the extraction process, SCY contributes to reducing the environmental impact traditionally associated with resource extraction.

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