Nevada Patent of the Month – March 2024

CareWear Corp, a Nevada-based medical device company, has made a name for themselves as the creators of the world’s first method of printing light for pain relief. The company’s technology has amassed 67 patents, with new ones being applied for as the company continues their process of development. Recently, the company has secured a patent for their approach to irradiating tissue with pulsed blue and red light. 

The recently patented solution is directed towards muscle fatigue reduction, wound healing enhancement, and pain alleviation. Through meticulous research and development, they have devised a method utilizing pulsed blue and red light irradiation to target these physiological concerns with precision and effectiveness.

At the core of this invention lies the application of non-ionized light sources, including lasers and light emitting diodes (LEDs), to stimulate endogenous chromophores within tissues, thereby eliciting a cascade of biological events conducive to healing and recovery. Unlike conventional therapies, CareWear’s method harnesses the power of specific wavelengths in the visible spectrum, finely tuned to address muscle fatigue and tissue injuries comprehensively.

Imagine a flexible, wearable light source, akin to a patch or bandage, seamlessly adhering to the skin’s surface, delivering a consistent and uniform emission of pulsed blue and red light. This light, pulsating with carefully calibrated parameters, penetrates the underlying tissues, targeting muscle bellies, motor points, and injured areas with precision.

For athletes pushing their limits during strenuous activities or exercises, CareWear’s method offers a lifeline by reducing muscle fatigue in real-time. Applied directly over fatigued muscles, the pulsed light initiates a physiological response that promotes rapid recovery, allowing athletes to perform at their peak for longer durations.

For individuals grappling with tissue injuries such as muscle contusions, ligament strains, or open wounds, this innovative approach accelerates the healing process while simultaneously mitigating pain. By stimulating tissue repair mechanisms and reducing inflammation, the pulsed light fosters an environment conducive to optimal recovery, offering relief and restoration where it’s needed most.

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