New automotive R&D facility opens in Oregon

The automotive commercial vehicle manufacturer, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has officially opened its Oregon-based research and development facility.

The 87 acre, $18.7 million R&D facility consists of a state of the art test track, a brand new 32,000 square foot office that will be home to approximately 40 employees, a sizable workshop with 14 service bays for technicians to work and several driver lounges and conference rooms.

DTNA invested in the following R&D facility to solidify and validate itself as North America’s undisputed market leader and become a louder player in the realm of R&D. In addition, it is also hoped that the following facility will allow for DTNA to bring its innovative technology to the market faster than ever before.

DTNA’s president and CEO says he is excited for the future opportunities which lie ahead as a result of this significant R&D investment. The R&D projects to be carried out at the facility will allow for the company to become a more predominate player in the testing of product durability and reliability. In addition, the facility will also aid in the company’s future plans to test autonomous vehicles at the facility.

The location of Madras was specifically chosen because of its proximity to the company’s Portland headquarters. This allows the engineering team to travel by car to access the testing facility and will significantly save the company time and bring the engineers closer to the product.

The new test track at the facility is very similar to the one in Germany and Brazil and is specifically engineered to help DTNA determine a truck’s full service life in just six months.

While this R&D investment is an exciting opportunity for DTNA as a company, it is also an exciting time for Madras as a city. Having DTNA invest in Madras has shown to be a win-win for both parties and the city of Madras looks forward to supporting the undisputed market leader in the commercial vehicle industry.

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