New Jersey Patent of the Month – January 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of research laboratory technologies, NEC Laboratories America, Inc. (NEC Labs) stands at the forefront of innovation, and their recent invention promises to reshape the way we allocate network resources. The invention, which has recently been granted a patent, outlines a meticulous method for managing network traffic by leveraging the power of neural networks and multi-scale correlations.

At the heart of this groundbreaking approach is the utilization of a processor-implemented neural network. NEC Labs models spatial correlations between fine and coarse spatial granularity traffic for various sites and regions. By employing a site-level graph and a region-level grid, historical traffic flow information is determined, unraveling the intricate patterns of network usage.

The temporal dimension is not overlooked, as the method digs into temporal correlations at both fine and coarse spatial granularities across multiple scales. Encoding spatial feature vectors at different temporal scales, including one week, one day, and one hour, ensures a comprehensive understanding of traffic patterns over time.

What sets this invention apart is its holistic approach. NEC Labs combines spatial and temporal correlations, providing a nuanced traffic flow prediction. This prediction becomes the cornerstone for provisioning network resources at the designated sites, aligning resource allocation with the predicted traffic flow.

NEC Labs’ method is not confined to theoretical realms. The practicality of this invention extends to the real world, where managing resources effectively in response to dynamic network traffic is a persistent challenge. The site-level focus, informed by fine spatial granularity, ensures a detailed and accurate prediction of traffic flow, even in smaller regions characterized by higher volatility.

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