New York Patent of the Month – August 2022

Eyenovia, Inc. is revolutionizing the ophthalmic healthcare industry. Most ophthalmic medications are delivered by eyedrop, a solution which is quite hard to control. The average human eye can retain up to 7 μL of fluid at a time which means too large of a drop will result in overflow and lost medicine. This is even more of a problem if more than one drop is needed per eye. It’s this pain point that Eyenovia is tackling.

Their solution? Microdose delivery. 

Their device removes the need for leaning back, dispensing the eyedrop and hoping your reflexes won’t make you blink. Instead of a full eyedrop, medication can be delivered in a mist that coats the eye faster than you can blink. They’ve designed a misting device capable of taking liquid medications and dispensing them so that their droplets have an average size of 15 μL. A single dispensed spray contains approximately 8 μL of medication to the eye as opposed to the approximately 40 μL volume delivered by a traditional eyedropper. The ejection velocity is primed to deliver medication so that 80-100% of it is effectively deposited on the eye. With the significantly smaller drop size, there is much less chance at overflow.

A user can simply hold the dispenser in front of their eye and press the button to dispense the medication. No more leaning back as this device dispenses the medication horizontally rather than by gravity. This allows for a more reliable exposure to the medication, reducing the guess work in dosing and preventing unnecessary overexposure.

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