New York Patent of the Month – February 2024

Rewire Fitness, Inc., a pioneering force in the realm of athletic training, is transforming the landscape with its newly patented technology. The athletic training system, with a focus on combining cognitive tasks with physical training and recovery, sets the stage for a new era in sports science.

At the heart of this innovation is a platform that captures inputs during physical tasks. Rewire Fitness introduces a dynamic approach by presenting cognitive tasks to users, evaluating cognitive and physical fatigue based on inputs, and identifying cognitive recovery protocols tailored to the individual’s needs.

One key aspect of this inventive system is the ability to determine the order of recovery protocols based on the user’s fatigue levels, ensuring a customized and efficient recovery process. The length of recovery protocols can also be adjusted dynamically, showcasing the system’s adaptability to real-time user conditions.

Cognitive tasks such as Stroop Task, Psychomotor Vigilance Task, Go/No Go Task, Continuous Performance Task, or Stop Signal Task form the core of this system, offering a diverse range of mental challenges to enhance overall performance.

The system doesn’t stop at assessment and recovery but goes further to influence workout recommendations. By assessing cognitive and physical fatigue, the system outputs recommendations on the user’s readiness for a workout. This involves determining cognitive metrics, comparing them to baseline metrics, and considering physiological factors like heart rate and heart rate variability.

The system provides real-time feedback and the option to modify workout aspects based on cognitive and physical fatigue. Users can experience adaptive difficulty in cognitive tasks, ensuring a fine-tuned and personalized training session.

Rewire Fitness envisions a holistic approach to athletic training, where the integration of cognitive tasks, recovery protocols, and adaptive workouts leads to optimized performance. This invention is not just a leap in sports science but a revolution that empowers athletes to train smarter, recover better, and perform at their peak.

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