North Carolina Patent of the Month – July 2023

Dry eye is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide, causing discomfort and irritation. The tear film, which consists of multiple layers, plays a crucial role in protecting and lubricating the eyes. However, disruptions in the tear film’s composition can lead to dry eye and its associated symptoms. To address this issue, EternaTear, Inc. has developed an innovative ophthalmic suspension which aims to mimic the natural tear film and provide long-lasting relief for dry eye sufferers.

EternaTear’s namesake – the EternaTear Artificial Tear – is a novel ophthalmic suspension that contains a unique combination of ingredients to rebuild and maintain the tear film’s integrity. The suspension combines both an aqueous phase and an oil phase, each with carefully selected components. The aqueous phase is made of components which work together to enhance the stability and thickness of the tear film layers. The oil phase comprises mineral oils, such as lightweight and heavyweight mineral oils, which provide lubrication and prevent excessive evaporation of the aqueous layer.

EternaTear uses a specific particle size distribution of the wax esters to ensure optimal performance and effectiveness in rebuilding the tear film. When administered to the eyes, EternaTear recreates or rebuilds the different layers of the tear film, including the lipid, aqueous, interstitial, and mucin layers. By mimicking the natural tear film, EternaTear provides a stable tear film structure that reduces tear film evaporation and enhances overall eye comfort. Clinical studies have shown that EternaTear increases lipid layer thickness by at least 20 nanometers within five minutes of administration and maintains the tear film integrity for over 60 minutes.

EternaTear offers a longer dwell time on the eye compared to existing dry eye treatments. Its unique formulation allows it to remain on the ocular surface for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent applications and providing lasting relief. By stabilizing the tear film and improving its longevity, EternaTear significantly improves patient comfort and reduces the impact of dry eye symptoms.

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