Oklahoma Patent of the Month – February 2024

Continental Wire Cloth, LLC, global leaders and experts in the shaker screen manufacturing industry, has been granted a patent for their latest design – a shaker screen with a molded support rail. Standard vibratory shakers are used in the oil and gas industry to separate solids out of mixtures – like mud and sludge. Continental Wire Cloth’s new design is a pretensioned shaker screen designed to bring greater efficiency and lifespan overall.

Their new shaker screen has a distinctive design featuring a perforated panel with a multitude of openings, creating an efficient filtration system. Mesh screens are seamlessly attached to the panel, enhancing the separation of solids and liquids. What sets Continental Wire Cloth’s invention apart is the incorporation of separately formed side rails that revolutionize the assembly and maintenance process.

The side rails, constructed as generally triangular structures with flat upper surfaces, provide structural integrity and efficient support to the shaker screen. Molded from durable thermoplastic materials like nylon composites, these side rails ensure longevity and resilience in harsh operational environments.

The ingenious design includes a connecting hook at one end of the side rails and a receiving slot at the other end. When multiple shaker screens are connected, the connecting hooks securely fit into the receiving slots, creating a cohesive and easily replaceable shaker screen assembly. This innovation reduces downtime during maintenance, offering a cost-effective solution for industries relying on shaker machines for solids separation.

Continental Wire Cloth’s shaker screen is not just about efficiency; it’s about simplicity in design and ease of use. The crown-shaped panel, coupled with a flat upper surface, ensures a smooth operation. The upwardly extending lip on the outer edge of the side rails enhances stability, with the lip’s height matching the panel’s thickness.

In addition to its user-friendly design, the shaker screen incorporates bladder engagement surfaces that eliminate the risk of air bladder damage. The continuous and smooth surfaces at the sides of the panel provide a secure and damage-resistant connection to the shaker machine.

The vibratory shaker featuring Continental Wire Cloth’s shaker screen assembly delivers exceptional performance. Inflatable air bladders engage seamlessly with the upper surfaces of the perforated panels, enhancing the screening process and contributing to the overall efficiency of the shaker machine.

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