Oklahoma Patent of the Month – March 2023

Tenax Energy Solutions, LLC is a privately held oil and gas research and development company based in Clinton, OK. The company has recently patented an innovative downhole tool for drilling applications, offering a range of unique features that make it highly efficient and effective for use in wellbore drilling.

The downhole tool consists of an elongated outer sleeve that contains an upper internal chamber and a lower internal chamber with one or more outer ports that interconnect the lower chamber with the exterior surface of the sleeve. The inner element is also elongated, with a longitudinal bore and an enlarged upper body within the upper chamber, and an enlarged lower body within the lower chamber, which has one or more laterally-extending inner ports that join the bore to an exterior surface. A constricted connector rigidly joins the upper and lower bodies and extends within the passageway.

One of the key features of Tenax Energy Solutions’ tool is the spring installed within the upper chamber and situated between the base of the upper body and the base of the upper chamber. This spring allows the tool to be positioned in a range of different configurations to suit specific drilling needs. Additionally, the lower chamber is sized so that the corresponding inner port can be positioned on either side of the associated outer port in a non-aligning relationship.

This downhole tool is ideal for use in drilling operations in cased wellbores, with an elongated drill string installed within the wellbore. It can be incorporated into a bottom hole assembly attached to the drill string and is also suitable for use with a milling tool for engaging hardened objects within the cased wellbore.

Tenax Energy Solutions, LLC has developed a highly efficient and effective downhole tool that offers a range of unique features. Its ability to be positioned in multiple configurations, along with its range of applications, make it an invaluable tool for the drilling industry.

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