Open Location Platform Company Opens Facility In Colorado

HERE Technologies, a major producer of HD maps for autonomous vehicles, has opened up a new facility in Colorado. The Boulder facility seeks to bring together experts from sectors such as data science, machine learning and geospatial engineering. Projects include technologies that allow the high definition live map to update automatically through sensors on cars that aggregate new data and keep the maps accurate.

The HD live map by HERE is a useful tool that will be vital for the safety and comfort of autonomous driving. In this, vehicles use the map to understand the road environment to engage in strategic path planning in addition to their own near-field sensors. The head of Internet of Things and Automotive at HERE Technologies states that the company has made a huge leap by opening the new facilities. He says the new office is a welcome place for individuals looking for exciting engineering projects that are geared towards building the future of mobility and transportation. Through this, the company wants to be a leader in the sector.

The facility is located at 4900 Pearl East Circle. With a current team of 20 employees, HERE is actively hiring for software engineering positions. The team will be working with an extensive network of professionals from other states as well as countries like Germany. The site has a test location for proof of concepts and through this, it seeks to optimize the go-to market speed for the company’s numerous partners and clients. It was recently announced that Daimler and BMW would be integrating the HD Live Map technology into their future models. Over 20 car manufacturers are already using the technology. With their extensive market share, R&D developments by HERE could become the standard for location data and analytics.

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