Pennsylvania Patent of the Month – December 2023

Fischer Block, Inc. is bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to renewable energy. Their approach directs the power of AI towards maximizing energy generation performance. It’s this approach and commitment to innovation that has resulted in a new patent for their technology.

The patent covers the use of AI for condition monitoring of wind turbines. Historically, assessing the health of any given wind turbine component has relied on measuring the physical vibrations of each component. This approach has numerous shortcomings which is why Fischer Block was so prepared to introduce a new method.

Their system measures a series of electrical output signals from the wind turbine generator as well as aggregates of subset signals. Each condition monitoring is then processed using AI and specific algorithms to assess the condition of the component. While this description is vague, it’s important to understand that the true value of this invention is seen in enhancing input data streams into prediction AI models. This enhancement means AI now has access to high-fidelity information, down to the sub-component level, and can more accurately predict or detect asset failure. With reliable predictions, engineers can improve and optimize performance and make better decisions going forward.

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