Pennsylvania Patent of the Month – November 2023

ClearView Asset Protection LLC specializes in the design, manufacture and integration of customized security and power solutions for various industries – from large pharmaceutical facilities to standalone self-contained mobile threat detection platforms for first responder and commercial applications.

The company has unveiled a novel power platform that goes beyond conventional energy solutions, introducing a compact and eco-friendly mobile trailer designed for autonomous electrical power in remote locations. This innovative system integrates multiple power sources, including flexible solar panels, a fuel cell generator, a battery bank with removable batteries, a plug-in assembly for external power, and an additional solar panel array.

Constructed with a reinforced polymer composite tower, the power platform’s tower houses electrical wiring and components within its hollow interior. The flexibility of the solar panels allows them to wrap around the circumference of the tower, maximizing solar energy absorption. This tower is pivotally attached to the mobile trailer, providing ease of deployment and operation with an electric winch system for raising and lowering.

The housing of the platform contains a transfer switching assembly and a power cord panel, enabling seamless conversion and transfer of electrical power generated by the diverse power sources. A cradle supports the tower in a lowered position when not in use, enhancing stability during deployment.

This portable power platform represents a significant leap in autonomous energy solutions, offering a reliable and eco-friendly alternative for remote locations. ClearView Asset Protection’s commitment to innovation is evident in the design and functionality of this groundbreaking power platform, setting a new standard for mobile power solutions.

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