Rhode Island Patent of the Month – May 2023

Tower Manufacturing Corporation (TowerMFG), a leading provider of electrical safety devices, is revolutionizing the electrical industry with its newly patented circuit interrupting safety devices (CISD). These resettable devices, including ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs), immersion detection circuit interrupters (IDCI’s), appliance leakage circuit interrupters (AFCI’s), equipment leakage circuit interrupters (ELCI’s), circuit breakers, contactors, latching relays, and solenoid mechanisms, are set to transform electrical safety standards.

The need for circuit breaking devices or systems that can interrupt power to various loads, such as household appliances and consumer electrical products, has been increasing. Electrical codes now require GFCIs in home bathrooms and kitchens, ensuring enhanced protection against electrical hazards. TowerMFG has answered this demand by developing advanced CISDs that go beyond traditional devices.

One of the key innovations introduced by TowerMFG is the inclusion of a reset lockout portion in their circuit interrupting devices. This feature prevents the device from resetting if the circuit interrupting portion is not functioning correctly, if an open neutral condition exists, or if the device is mis-wired. By incorporating this intelligent reset mechanism, TowerMFG ensures the utmost safety and reliability of their CISDs.

Moreover, TowerMFG’s CISDs are designed to detect various electrical faults, such as short circuits and arcing conditions. These faults can potentially lead to fires, electrocution, or damage to electrical systems. The company’s circuit interrupting devices utilize solenoids and contact actuators to break electrically conductive paths and disconnect the power supply when a fault is detected. This swift response minimizes the risk of electrical accidents and prevents further damage.

TowerMFG’s commitment to innovation and safety extends to their manufacturing processes as well. They employ advanced manufacturing techniques to optimize the production of CISDs, ensuring high quality and reliability in every device. 

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