Ohio’s Shepherd Chemical Expands European Manufacturing and R&D Capacity in Mirecourt, France

Over the past century, the global chemical industry has witnessed a considerable transformation and innovation in terms of high-performance polymers, additives, adhesives, and catalysts as well as sustainable operational processes. One of the major stakeholders in the chemical industry is Ohio-based Shepherd Chemical Company which manufactures and develops technologically advanced, environment-friendly metal-based chemical products. Since its foundation in 1916, the company has been committed to adopt operational excellence and follow customer-based approach that offers direct relations to the clients.

Shepherd Chemical has three main strategic goals: to introduce high performing additives, catalysts and adhesion promoters keeping in view the needs of global customer base; to grow collectively by enhancing and expanding the capabilities of partner firms and to stick to the principles of sustainable development and safe working environment by promoting eco-friendly supply chain as envisioned in United Nations’ 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The investment by the company in research and development (R&D) and the expansion of different areas, e.g. optimizing Ohio operations and the current determination to capitalize 8.5 million USD for the proposed business expansions in Mirecourt site in France, signify the commitment to these goals. The site was previously acquired in 1994 to provide cobalt based rubber adhesion products.

It is significant to highlight that the company invests from a long-term perspective to support the growth of its customers, while also updating the existing product range and bringing innovation to the metal chemical industry. This can be justified by the fact how the company invested in two of its reactors in 2016, and how it is determined to make continuous improvements at Mirecourt as well as Ohio facilities. The installation of the new reactor at Mirecourt is expected to double the production in 2019.

Through providing sustainable and innovative metal chemical products to its customers, the Shepard Company has maintained a leading position in the global chemical industry. The recently proposed investment will help the company to not only increase its production capacity at the global level but also to maintain robust and longstanding relations with its clients and partners.

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