Smithfield Foods Is Working To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 25 Percent

Smithfield Foods Inc. specializes in meat processing in the United States and is owned by the WH Group of China. The company recently announced innovative biogas projects that have been specifically designed to aid in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25 percent by 2025, which will help contribute to the national move towards clean and renewable energy.

In Missouri, Smithfield has engaged itself in a collaborative effort with Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE). The two will be working to launch a second phase of an already existing project that converts manure into renewable natural gas (RNG). The company owns numerous farms that source the manure and the energy created is efficient enough to power an approximately 15,400 homes annually. Biogas infrastructure will be installed on the company’s Missouri farms during this second phase.  Senator Roy Blunt noted that the initiative by Smithfield in Missouri will boost the state’s input with regards to energy security in the country. As such, the state has an important role in the contributing to global food demand and renewable energy.

For some time, Smithfield has been actively involved in prairie restoration efforts in Northern Missouri. Another aspect of the initiative involves harvesting prairie grass to generate methane. This will serve as a biogas generation supplement for use during winter in particular. This company also boasts of being the first food company to engage in Monarch Butterfly Exchange Program. The program’s purpose is to restore the insect’s habitat on private property including Smithfield hog farms. It is evident that the firm is innovative for a food company, with its engagement in the creation of renewable energy as well as conservation activities.

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