South Carolina Patent of the Month – February 2024

FlackTek, Inc., a notable contributor to advancements in rotational mixing, has been granted a patent for their innovative method poised to transform substance mixing processes. This approach involves mounting a carriage onto a drive unit for rotation about a first axis. The system comprises a carefully designed arm, a drive line, and a support body, all meticulously crafted to enhance the efficiency of the mixing process.

At the core of this inventive method is the drive line, which incorporates a series of pulleys and a continuous belt routed around them. These pulleys, strategically placed on the support body and a frame, facilitate smooth rotation. The process continues with the installation of a basket on the arm, placement of the substance to be mixed in the basket, and initiation of rotation about a second axis relative to the first axis.

An interesting feature of this method is the ability to adjust the frame relative to the arm, allowing for precise tensioning of the belt. This, combined with a tensioner, provides meticulous control over the mixing process, enhancing versatility and adaptability.

The method details a unique arrangement of pulleys, with the first set positioned perpendicular to the first axis, and the second and third sets parallel to it. This configuration contributes to the effectiveness of the rotation mixer.

What sets FlackTek’s method apart is the oblique angle of the second axis relative to the first axis, offering a novel and efficient approach to substance mixing. This oblique arrangement, combined with the continuous loop of the belt, ensures a seamless and controlled mixing process.

The incorporation of a ring gear and transfer gear adds sophistication to the method. The belt engages with these gears, translating the rotational movement of the arm into precise rotation of the basket about the second axis.

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