South Carolina Patent of the Month – January 2024

Pandoodle Corp, a computer vision and machine learning (ML) company utilizing big data to monetize images and videos, has been granted a patent for a new approach to dynamic video modification. This computer-implemented method goes beyond traditional video editing or modifying, offering an innovative approach to transforming videos in real-time or near real-time. Modifications include directly replacing pixels in a video frame with a different set of pixels.

At its core, the method involves a meticulous process of identifying elements within selected frames. This isn’t just about recognizing objects; it’s a sophisticated comparison with characteristics stored in a comprehensive database. From position and dimension to reflection, lighting, shadows, warping, rotation, blurring, and occlusion, every nuance is considered.

What sets Pandoodle’s invention apart is the construction of 3D spatial maps related to these identified elements. These maps don’t just exist in isolation; they encapsulate a 3D environment. Imagine not just modifying individual frames but manipulating the very fabric of the scenes within a video.

The database powering this innovation includes element-identification algorithms, ensuring a robust and adaptable system. Objects, regions, or elements in all frames are seamlessly integrated into a cohesive 3D environment, laying the groundwork for transformative modifications.

User interaction is a pivotal element. From detecting modification zones to allowing users to specify replacement zones, this method is user-centric. Detection algorithms, stored in a dedicated database, contribute to the precision of identifying zones suitable for modification.

Whether it’s removing elements, applying new ones, or warping desired elements, the modifications are applied uniformly across all frames. This ensures a seamless viewing experience, making the modified video indistinguishable to the human eye.

What makes Pandoodle’s invention even more intriguing is its adaptability to real-time or near real-time modifications. This isn’t just about post-production enhancements; it’s about on-the-fly alterations, opening new possibilities for interactive and dynamic content.

Pandoodle uses this technology to monetize images and videos, supporting their SaaS platform which allows publishers to automate the analysis and dynamic insertion of branded content, providing advertisers and publishers seamless, personalized branding, in real-time, in any video or photo.

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