South Dakota Patent of the Month – April 2024

ImmutriX Therapeutics, Inc., a medical technology company in Rapid City, South Dakota, is developing a new way to cleanse whole blood to sequester toxic or undesired molecules from the circulatory system. In line with this effort, the company has been granted a patent for their therapeutic compositions designed to target viral infections.

ImmutriX Therapeutics’ method involves a multi-step process that starts with obtaining bodily fluid from the subject containing disease mediators. This fluid is then treated with an adsorbent material comprising synthetic carbon particles (SCPs), leading to the production of filtrates. These filtrates undergo further purification through contact with adsorbent materials containing SCPs and either anion or cation exchange resins, depending on the specific ratios required. Finally, the purified filtrate is administered back to the subject, effectively reducing the level of disease mediators.

Key to the effectiveness of this method is the use of SCPs and exchange resins, which have been shown to efficiently adsorb disease mediators from bodily fluids. Additionally, the incorporation of sanitization steps and compatibilizers ensures the safety and compatibility of the materials used in the process.

ImmutriX Therapeutics’ extracorporeal system further enhances the treatment process, providing a robust platform for the removal of disease mediators from the subject’s blood. With at least three adsorbent materials and advanced monitoring capabilities, this system offers a comprehensive solution for treating subjects infected with SARS-CoV-2 and other viral-associated diseases.

The significance of Immutrix’s invention extends beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, offering hope for the treatment of other viral infections causing immunosuppression. By targeting the underlying mechanisms of viral-induced immune dysregulation, this method represents a promising avenue for improving patient outcomes and reducing the burden of viral diseases on global healthcare systems.

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