South Dakota Patent of the Month – March 2024

ImmutriX Therapeutics, Inc., a South Dakota-based medical technology company, has been granted a patent for their new approach to treating viral-associated disease states, particularly focusing on immune suppression resulting from viral infections. This innovative approach offers a promising solution to combat a wide range of viruses, including those causing severe conditions such as Ebola virus, Lassa virus, Marburg virus, and various strains of influenza.

The method devised by ImmutriX Therapeutics involves a series of steps designed to remove disease mediators from bodily fluids, thereby alleviating immune suppression in affected individuals. At the core of this method lies the utilization of synthetic carbon particles (SCP) as adsorbent materials, which play a pivotal role in capturing and neutralizing disease mediators present in the bodily fluids.

The process begins by contacting the bodily fluid with an adsorbent material consisting essentially of SCP to produce a first filtrate. This initial filtration step serves to isolate the disease mediators from the bodily fluid, laying the foundation for subsequent treatment stages. Following this, the first filtrate is further processed by contacting it with a combination of SCP and anion exchange resin, followed by a similar treatment with SCP and cation exchange resin. These successive filtrations aim to enhance the purification of the filtrate, ensuring the removal of disease mediators to a significant extent.

Once the third filtrate is obtained, it is ready for administration to the subject, marking the culmination of the treatment process. By effectively reducing the level of disease mediators in the bodily fluid, this method holds the potential to alleviate immune suppression and mitigate the adverse effects of viral infections.

In addition to the method itself, ImmutriX Therapeutics has also developed an extracorporeal system to facilitate the implementation of this treatment approach. This system comprises multiple adsorbent materials, an access disconnection detector, and a computer system, providing a comprehensive platform for executing the treatment protocol with precision and efficiency.

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