South Carolina Patent of the Month – March 2024

Integrated Biometrics, LLC have made a name for themselves with globally recognized biometric technologies. The company has recently been granted a patent for their FBI-certified fingerprint scanner. The design is lightweight, mobile, and accurate. This cutting-edge system utilizes electrophoretic display technology, comprising an electro-optical material that responds to an applied electric field by changing its optical properties.

Traditionally, fingerprint acquisition involved ink and paper, followed by manual comparison and matching. However, with the advent of digital storage systems, there arose a potential for electronic means of acquiring fingerprints for rapid storage, distribution, and searching.

The system developed by Integrated Biometrics combines the best features of both electronic and traditional fingerprint capture methods. It employs electrophoretic display material, which exhibits a change in visible appearance in response to an electric field. Micro-capsules containing charged pigments suspended in a transparent fluid are used in this material.

When a biometric object, such as a finger, is brought into contact with the electrophoretic display material, an electrical circuit is completed, inducing local movement of the pigment particles. This movement generates an image of the fingerprint on the surface of the material. Remarkably, this image remains even after the biometric object is removed, allowing for extended contact images similar to traditional ink and paper methods.

The system offers flexibility in archiving fingerprint images. They can be retained physically by storing the electrophoretic display material or electronically by capturing images using a CMOS imaging device or a thin film transistor array. This versatility makes the system suitable for various applications, including law enforcement, security, and financial sectors.

Integrated Biometrics’ invention represents a significant advancement in fingerprint capture technology. By addressing the limitations of existing methods and combining simplicity, efficiency, and reliability, they have set a new standard in biometric identification systems. With this innovative system, the future of fingerprint acquisition looks brighter than ever.

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