Tennessee Patent of the Month – August 2022

One of the more traditional methods for treating seeds with chemical agents – like antimicrobials or fungicides – is to agitate the seeds while dispensing the agent until the seeds are equally coated. Unfortunately this can be time consuming and ineffective if the seeds fail to separate reliably. This can be further limited by the viscosity of the agent itself, which may simply sink to the bottom or fail to spread. Zyxogen, LLC has designed an alternative solution meant to remove any limitation in treating seeds.

Zyxogen’s solution involves a spray dispenser capable of atomizing and dispersing minute droplets of the agent. The nozzle is set with multiple orifices to enhance the atomization. Multiple liquid supply channels bring the agent into the nozzle. A pressure cap within the nozzle also creates a pressure chamber which is equipped with multiple exit holes. As gas passes through the pressure chamber towards these exit holes, it travels past the liquid supply channels. This moving gas disrupts the liquid, forcing droplets to move with the gas through the exit holes. The combination of liquid and gas forces an interaction to form atomized droplets which are then dispersed.

These atomized droplets have greater coverage and can be easily dispersed across a great volume of seeds. Zyxogen is a Tennessee-based company focused on developing both efficient and globally responsible solutions, bringing innovation and value through the flow of liquids.

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