Texas Patent of the Month – August 2023

Preventing dehydration in animals and people is crucial to the proper functioning of our bodily organs. When an individual can’t hydrate themselves or can’t tell their caretakers that they need some water, dehydration can sneak in. Unfortunately, tests are often invasive or time consuming – requiring samples of blood or urine. MX3 Diagnostics, Inc. is addressing this limitation with a rapid and non-invasive test using saliva. 

MX3 Diagnostics has recently been granted a patent for their handheld saliva testing device that makes the process simple, non-invasive, and easily accessible. The system comprises a sensor, a computer processor, and a display, all housed within a compact and user-friendly handheld device.

The sensor, with its microfluidic channels and embedded enzyme mesh, allows for the collection and analysis of saliva directly from the subject’s mouth. By inserting the sensor into the device’s slot, the saliva is directed through the microfluidic channels, facilitating efficient movement and analysis. This process is not only convenient but also provides reliable and accurate results.

MX3 Diagnostics’ system goes beyond just measuring hydration levels. It has the potential to assess a wide range of substances and physiological parameters, including lactate levels, glucose, electrolytes, and various biomarkers. This versatility makes it an invaluable tool in fields like sports medicine, personalized healthcare, and general wellness monitoring.

To process the initial data collected by the handheld device, a computer processor is utilized. This processor can be wirelessly connected to the device, allowing for seamless transmission and analysis of the saliva data. By employing sophisticated algorithms and analytics, the processor generates final measurement data, providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject’s health status.

The implications of MX3 Diagnostics’ saliva testing system are vast. It empowers individuals to monitor their hydration levels accurately, enabling proactive management of their overall well-being. Athletes can optimize their performance by tracking essential biomarkers during training sessions. Additionally, healthcare professionals can utilize this technology for quick and reliable assessments, improving patient care and treatment plans.

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