Texas Patent of the Month – October 2023

CognitiveScale, Inc. has built a reputation for their Trusted AI technology. In fact, the company pioneered the concept of ‘Trusted AI”, paving the way for responsible Enterprise AI development worldwide. This statement is backed by over 150 AI patents. This portfolio is only growing, as the company continues to be granted patents.

Their newly granted patent is for providing cognitive insights from blockchain data. At its core, CognitiveScale’s method involves harnessing the potential of big data, particularly what’s known as “dark data” – data that is either uncollected, neglected, or underutilized. In a world awash with information, extracting insights from these sources can be like finding needles in a haystack. CognitiveScale’s method addresses this challenge by creating a cognitive session graph that captures data from various sources, including blockchain data.

Once the data is collected, the magic begins. CognitiveScale’s method processes this data, performing data enrichment. It’s like polishing a diamond, taking raw information and turning it into a valuable resource. This enriched data forms the basis of the cognitive session graph.

The cognitive session graph itself is a dynamic entity associated with a session, which could relate to users, themes, topics, issues, questions, intents, and more. This session graph doesn’t just sit passively; it captures a series of queries over time. This timeline of queries provides a rich source of information.

CognitiveScale’s method doesn’t stop at data enrichment and graph creation. It introduces a cognitive blockchain into the mix. This blockchain is a record of all the insights and information generated throughout the cognitive session. It’s like an immutable ledger of knowledge and learning.

CognitiveScale’s method allows for processing the cognitive session graph and the cognitive blockchain to provide these valuable cognitive insights. These insights can be related to the session, whether it’s about a user, a specific topic, a particular period, or even a block in a blockchain.

It doesn’t stop at just one session. CognitiveScale’s method accommodates numerous sessions. Whether it’s a single user with various needs or different purposes for using the cognitive platform, these multiple sessions can provide insights tailored to each situation.

Within the cognitive session graph, users’ queries aren’t isolated. They’re linked to a universal cognitive graph. This interconnectedness enables a holistic approach to information and learning.

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