The Hyperloop Could Be The Next Revolutionary Mode Of Transport

Over a century ago, airplanes were the latest form of transportation to be invented. However, a strong contender exists for the 21st century named the Hyperloop. This new transportation innovation is close to becoming a reality in Missouri.

The company behind the project is Virgin Hyperloop One. The business has a working demonstration model in Nevada already, where they aim to establish a passenger-bearing loop. This is scheduled to be built by 2025. Black & Veatch, an international engineering firm, was contacted to complete a feasibility study of the project. The company selected Missouri for the piloting process due to its flat and straight topography. The state is also centrally located in the nation and is hence closer to the country’s main routes and manufacturing plants.

The proposed route in Missouri has the potential to service around 5 million residents from Kansas to St Louis, with a stop in Columbia. With the Hyperloop, residents can transverse 250 miles in 30 minutes. While in Columbia (home to the renowned Missouri University), accessing either Kansas or St Louis would take only 15 minutes.

The I-70 Hyperloop route is projected to have an initial cost of between $30 million to $40 million per mile of track constructed and $7-10 billion will be required to ensure the 250 mile project is completed. A point worth noting is that this cost estimate does not include security measures, portal transit hubs or even the Hyperloop technology itself. However, with the flexibility that this exciting new innovation brings, it will be worth the investment. Explosive economic development could result as it would make it possible for people to live miles away from their place of work and still be effectively connected, as well as increasing business efficiency for meetings and transferring products.

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