Trump’s Proposed Tax Reforms

After a dramatic election season the proposed tax reforms of US President Elect, Donald Trump, are currently a topic of great interest for businesses. While pre-election reform plans may not necessarily become legislation, Trump will be supported by Republican chambers of commerce, making passing legislation more likely in absence of strong opposition.

How Might This Affect R&D?

In an attempt to decrease corruption due to the influence of special interests, Trump plans to eliminate special interest outlays and most business tax credits such as the domestic production activities deduction and the work opportunity credit which currently supports veterans among other groups. These points are controversial as many of the expenditures he proposes to eliminate relate more to public policy concerns than they do to special interests.

However, one positive position maintained through Trumps reforms is the continuation of the Research and Development (R&D) tax credit. This influences greater innovation and improvement of existing systems or processes within industry. As Trump promotes the repatriation of labor and production, an increase in R&D support could be a possibility. Some predict that Trump may use the incentive as a maner of influencing larger percentages of manufacturing, not just research, within the U.S.

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