Uber With the Next Big Thing? Flying Cars May Be More Near in the Future Than We Think Thanks to R&D

At the end of September the idea of flying cars came about at The Rotorcraft Business and Technology Summit in Fort Worth (FW). The last time we saw flying cars was in Harry Potter, and today it is something that is set to take off in the future. Uber and Airbus’ Voom are working together to develop this product and plan on utilizing the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit as much as they can.

Uber and Airbus have a vision to launch a flying vehicle to prevent gridlock in large cities, FW included due to its size. This is an innovation that we have not seen before, and unlike anything that is on the market. Making this project eligible for R&D tax credits.

The summit that was held at the end of September gave the public a chance to hear firsthand from the vertical-flight manufacturers. These are the professionals who are pushing the norms of todays technology with flying vehicles. Voom believes that they are “building an experimental bridge to tomorrow.”

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