Utah Patent of the Month – September 2023

In the world of compression-ignition internal combustion engines, innovation is a driving force that constantly seeks to enhance efficiency, reduce emissions, and expand the range of compatible fuels. American CNG, LLC was initially founded to meet the growing demand for CNG cylinders in the U.S. market. They have since grown to supply new vehicle conversions kits, OEM system elements, replacing expired parts, and maintaining CNG fleets – all while developing new technologies for the industry.

Compression-ignition engines, such as diesel engines, have long been known for their adaptability to a variety of fuels due to their high operating temperatures. Among the alternative fuels that have been explored, natural gas and other gaseous fuels have gained attention. However, existing conversion kits in the market are often specific to particular engine models or vehicles, leading to installation challenges and potential engine damage.

American CNG has unveiled a versatile supplemental fuel system designed to work seamlessly with compression-ignition engines. The system incorporates a fuel mixer featuring a specially designed nozzle and stem. This nozzle, positioned within the engine’s air supply system, has a unique non-uniform profile that optimizes the mixing of air and supplemental fuel. The stem extends through the conduit, efficiently delivering the supplemental fuel to the nozzle, ensuring a clean and effective combustion process.

American CNG’s innovation goes a step further by incorporating electronic lock-off valves. These valves are controlled by a sophisticated controller, which monitors the engine’s power supply voltage. When the voltage falls below a threshold, the system intelligently prevents the supplemental fuel from being delivered, safeguarding the engine from potential issues during low-power conditions.

American CNG has also considered the impact of exhaust gas temperature. Temperature sensors integrated into the system provide real-time data to the controller. When the exhaust gas temperature exceeds a predefined threshold, the controller acts decisively, closing the electronic lock-off valve to protect the engine from overheating while running on supplemental fuel.

American CNG’s groundbreaking supplemental fuel system offers a flexible, efficient, and intelligent solution for compression-ignition engines. With features like the innovative nozzle design, electronic lock-off valves, and temperature monitoring, this invention is poised to play a pivotal role in expanding the use of alternative fuels, reducing emissions, and making compression-ignition engines more adaptable and eco-friendly than ever before.

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