Virginia Patent of the Month – February 2024

ObjectVideo Labs, LLC, a global leader in intelligent video software, is leveraging thermal imaging to enhance temperature regulation operations within a property. This newly patented computer-implemented method integrates cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way we control the climate in our homes.

ObjectVideo Labs’ invention begins with the acquisition of a thermal image of a property, showcasing one or more surfaces predicted to be interacted with by individuals. This infrared image, collected by an infrared camera strategically located within the property, serves as the foundation for a sophisticated ambient temperature detection system.

The system computes surface temperatures for the identified surfaces, enabling the determination of a predicted ambient temperature for the entire area. What sets this method apart is its ability to adjust temperature controls for the property based on this predicted ambient temperature, going beyond traditional methods reliant on air temperature measurements.

The invention predicts interactions with a set of objects within the property, providing a dynamic approach to ambient temperature regulation. Historical activity data associated with the property aids in refining predictions, ensuring accuracy in identifying objects likely to be interacted with. This predictive model considers object classifications, including furniture, adding a layer of intelligence to the system.

The applications extend further, incorporating personalized user preferences based on real-time data from wearable devices. For example, after determining a user’s present condition and exercise history, the system can adjust temperature controls to enhance user comfort, illustrating the integration of health and environmental monitoring.

ObjectVideo Labs has unveiled a transformative approach to home temperature regulation through thermal imaging. This invention not only enhances comfort but also reflects a broader trend in utilizing advanced technologies for more intelligent and personalized living spaces. As we embrace the future of smart homes, innovations like these mark a significant step forward in the intersection of technology and daily life.

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