Utah Patent of the Month – February 2024

SINTX Technologies, Inc. (SINTX) has a comprehensive suite of advanced ceramic technologies for use in the biomedical, antipathogenic, industrial, and armor industries. The company has been committed to research and development and creating new solutions since their inception. The company has recently been granted a patent for a new technology – antipathogenic face masks. This cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of silicon nitride to create a face mask that not only provides physical protection but actively inactivates harmful viruses.

The face mask is designed with a fibrous material layer infused with silicon nitride powder. What sets this mask apart is the strategic concentration of silicon nitride on the inner surface, ranging from about 1 wt. % to 15 wt. %. This concentration sweet spot, coupled with an average particle size of 0.6 μm to 5 μm, forms the foundation for the mask’s antiviral prowess.

The fibrous material, a spunbond nonwoven fabric, further enhances the mask’s structural integrity, ensuring comfort and effectiveness. SINTX has carefully considered the materials, incorporating polypropylene to reinforce the spunbond nonwoven fabric.

What’s truly remarkable is the silicon nitride’s ability to inactivate human viruses upon contact with the fibrous material layer. SINTX has integrated this antiviral face mask into a broader context of health and safety. The mask is not just a protective shield; it becomes a potent tool in the battle against viral transmission.

The versatility of this technology is evident in its application to a variety of devices, including medical equipment, filters, clothing, and even surfaces prone to contamination. Silicon nitride’s unique surface chemistry ensures a broad spectrum of antipathogenic properties, making it a valuable addition to the arsenal against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

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