Virginia Tech University open food R&D center

Virginia Tech University and Israeli food maker Strauss Group have started up an R&D agro/food tech program to help Israeli agriculture and food tech start-ups expand their activities in the US market.

Several Israeli companies were invited to make presentations to the Virginia Tech R&D team and Strauss Group in January. Later this year the staff of the selected companies will travel to Virginia to further their business development.

The R&D program will provide start-ups with funding opportunities, the chance to part take in business development meetings with experts from Virginia and facilitate excellent networking opportunities. Additionally, there is also the chance to test and trial different technologies, carry out consumer testing and allow for attaining necessary permits and regulation information.

Dr. Eyal Shimoni, vice president of Technologies at Strauss Group, says this project is about promoting developments of healthy food solutions and improving the quality of life for consumers worldwide.

Startups that specialize in food tech and agriculture are encouraged to apply to any future projects conducted by Strauss Group and Virginia Tech University. Possible future project focuses include sugar, salt and fat reduction technologies, improved nutrition methods and digital solutions, food safety, aquaculture, soil sciences and food process quality monitoring.

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