Wisconsin Patent of the Month – December 2023

Humans have been using archery for as long as we can remember. From the bows and arrows of the ancient Egyptians to the Shang Dynasty. With literally thousands of years backing the sport, it’s impressive to see a company still capable of innovating and advancing the technology. Ravin Crossbows, LLC has made a name for themselves, being voted as the best crossbow company 5 years in a row. 

The company maintains this reputation with a constant flow of innovation. The company has recently been granted a patent for their crossover crossbow design. A standard crossbow has the draw string pulled away from the limbs – a method that limits the power stroke. Ravin’s crossover design improves power stroke by positioning power cables to cross over the central rail. This, combined with a set of cams, allow the draw string to be wound up and released from the cams with greater force and ease, meaning less of the power is lost upon release. The design allows for a longer power stroke and ultimately more energy transferred to the arrow when fired.

This bowstring and cable arrangement acts as a critical component influencing the crossbow’s power and accuracy. By optimizing this configuration, Ravin’s design elevates the overall shooting experience, providing archers with a tool that combines power, speed, and precision seamlessly. It also addresses the portability of the crossbow, introducing features that make it more compact and easy to handle without compromising its performance. This emphasis on user-friendly design aligns with the modern archer’s demand for equipment that is both high-performing and practical.

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