Wisconsin Patent of the Month – June 2022

Phototherapy is medical treatment using light to improve certain health conditions. The light could include natural or artificial light sources ranging from LEDs to sunlight. The treatment is set in the science of wavelengths. Light at certain wavelengths is more readily absorbed by molecules (chromophores) in certain tissues. These chromophores can then stimulate certain metabolic processes. The most classic example of this is the exposure to sunlight which stimulates the production of Vitamin D. 

In order to effectively deliver phototherapy treatments, a device able to achieve precision wavelengths and deliverance is crucial. GlobaLASEReach, LLC has recently patented such a device to support a range of phototherapy treatment options.

The device delivers phototherapy in the form of targeted and dose-controlled light. This ensures the treatment is directed to the targeted tissue while minimizing energy transfer to non-targeted tissues. Designed with a hollow structure, a light source, and a series of mirrors optically connected, the device creates a beam of coherent light and directs it in a focused beam. With galvanometrically-controlled optical elements, the treatment can be targeted to a volume of tissues – and from multiple angles. 

Treatment options might include:

  • Near-infrared (700 nm to 1400 nm) to reduce pain in muscles and lower back tissue;
  • Exposure to 694 nm wavelength of ruby lasers can be used for Photothermolysis (energetic hair removal);
  • Exposure to narrowband UVB can treat Vitamin D deficiency;
  • Exposure to blue light (420-470 nm) can treat newborn jaundice;
  • Exposure to high-intensity blue light (425 nm) for the attempted treatment of acne.

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