“$1.1 million flop” – Failed Wind Turbines in Addison Demonstrate the Need for R&D

Almost a decade ago, the city of Addison, TX set its sights on constructing a new water tower powered by eight wind turbines that would sit atop of the tower. Intended to become an artistic and renewable energy landmark, the project was designed by an artist who claimed that when people see the tower, “They will know they are in Addison.” Unfortunately, the once-optimistic project would instead become known for its failed wind turbines.

In 2011, Landmark Structures was commissioned to build the water tower and Urban Green Energy manufactured the wind turbines which were installed in February 2012. One of the turbines fell off the tower only three months after installation. While no one was hurt, the turbines continued to demonstrate poor craftsmanship even after repairs. In December 2012, a blade hit a nearby building, destroying a conference room.  In 2013, the turbines were removed, re-fitted, and reinstalled. However, another blade flew off the turbine in 2014.

While the water tower was functional, the failed wind turbines, made originally in China, proved to be a safety hazard. According to Dave Lieber, the project was “a $1.1 million flop” and “not one kilowatt of electricity was generated.” As a result, the city of Addison is issuing a lawsuit against Landmark Structures and Urban Green Energy who had designed and handled the construction of the project. Until the legal case is sorted, the failed wind turbines will remain atop of the water tower.

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